Culturally Inappropriate

English Standup Comedy in Frankfurt

Die nächsten Termine


Culturally Inappropriate


Originally from Ukraine, Dima moved to Berlin 9 years ago in pursuit of a better life and immediately started doing standup comedy in order not to lose his sense of humor while integrating into German society. After many unsuccessful years of trying to become German, Dima gave up on life, quit his day job as a software developer, and started doing comedy full-time, because laughter is the only way he can cope with everything that’s happening in the world right now.

In his comedy hour "Culturally Inappropriate," Dima talks about a bunch of stuff, like the state of the world, quirks of our diverse society, Berlin techno parties, online dating, interracial relationships, and shark attacks.
It's wild, hilarious, and he doesn't hold back!

Brace yourself, because this show will exceed your expectations ;)

The show is held entirely in English
Doors - 19:30
Showtime - 20:00