50 Shades of Fairytales / Lovesick

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50 Shades of Fairytales / Lovesick


Frankfurt English Speaking Theatre (FEST) proudly presents and evening of "One Woman Shows", featuring FEST actress Laurie Gaertner with a series of monologues, and visiting artist Titilayo Adedokun, with the headline performance:

50 SHADES OF FAIRYTALES - A non-political(ly correct) Song Revue

"We start learning about fairytales and happily-ever-after before we can even walk. Then we grow up. Some of us wonder whatever happened to the fairytales and some of us, well… never believed in them in the first place. This whimsical and quirky song revue depicts the journey of two women (both played by Titilayo Adedokun) who evolve through their personal experiences of love, its challenges and its consequences – presenting a collection of witty and thought-provoking songs that will leave you laughing, crying and oh-so identifying with the characters…"


LOVESICK - A Monologue by Laurie Gaertner

“But I was sixteen. Don’t believe a guy if he tells you you’re the most beautiful girl he’s ever seen.”  It's always that damn pink dress…! A lonely bus stop at night, and a ruined night. A girl finds herself transported back into her past, reflecting on her first failed love, growing up a young woman, and most importantly: revenge. "

for more information click here: https://festfrankfurt.org