The Boor / Spring Dance

Two One-Act-Plays by Anton Chekhov and Horton Foote

Die nächsten Termine


The Boor / Spring Dance


The Boor - by Anton Chekhov
After the death of her husband, the widow Mrs Popov decides to seclude herself from the world. The appearance of the country gentleman Smirnov, who demands the payment of 1200 Rubles that the deceased owned him, swirls up the situation. A battle of interests has now inflamed.  The FEST production of Chekhov’s classic “The Boor” explores the choices we have which could empower us to find ourselves: fulfilling expectations or breaking out. Do we have a choice?

Spring Dance - by Horton Foote

Set in a garden adjoining an asylum ballroom on a clear Texas spring evening, Annie Gayle Long opens Spring Dance with the simple observation: “it’s a lovely night for a dance, isn’t it?”  Refusing to dance because of her husband’s impeding arrival, Annie and the three asylum mates spend the remainder of the night reminiscing of home and excitedly planning what they will do when their loved ones come and take them home.  However, as the evening unfolds and the dance continues, we, and finally they, are met with the harsh reality of their condition:  that the isolation they’re faced with is final.



  • Regie Christina Paraschiv
  • Regie Nathan Records
  • Luka Mike Riepl
  • Mrs. Popov Bobbie Lording-Pfanner
  • Smirnov Jeff Book
  • Annie Gayle Long Sandra Regenbogen
  • Cecil Henry Mike Riepl
  • Greene Hamilton Silviu-Ionuţ Cristea
  • Dave Dushon Bernd Röder